Monday, October 24, 2022

2023 KenPom ratings released, rating for each opponent


(photo courtesy of Rutgers Athletics)

The 2023 KenPom Ratings were released just over a week ago, and we have the ratings for each of the Scarlet Knights' opponents this coming season

The 2022-23 Rutgers Scarlet Knights men's college basketball season is only 14 days away, and the Ken Pomeroy Ratings were recently released for the upcoming season. This is the time of year college basketball fanatics and data analysts start crunching numbers and making predictions for the upcoming season. In the words of creator Ken Pomeroy, “[t]he purpose of this system is to show how strong a team would be if it played tonight, independent of injuries or emotional factors.” Without going too far down the rabbit hole, his ranking system incorporates statistics like shooting percentage, margin of victory, and strength of schedule, ultimately calculating offensive, defensive, and overall “efficiency” numbers for all teams in Division I. For a detailed description of Ken Pomeroy's ratings, visit

This year's KenPom Ratings have rated the Scarlet Knights at 50. Ole Miss (SEC) comes in at 49 and Cincinnati (American) follows Rutgers at 51. The latest KenPom Ratings project Rutgers to finish 19-12 overall, 10-10 in the Big Ten.

Here are the KenPom Ratings for each team on the Scarlet Knights' schedule:

Nov. 7, Columbia* (316)
Nov. 10, Sacred Heart* (304)
Nov. 12, UMass-Lowell* (170)
Nov. 18, vs Temple* (92)
Nov. 22, Rider* (186)
Nov. 26, Central Conn. State* (333)
Nov. 30, at Miami* (42)
Dec. 3, Indiana (12)
Dec. 8, at Ohio State (32)
Dec. 11, Seton Hall* (48)
Dec. 17, Wake Forest* (80)
Dec. 23, Bucknell* (283)
Dec. 30, Coppin State* (315)
Jan. 2, at Purdue (25)
Jan. 5, Maryland (56)
Jan. 8, Iowa (23)
Jan. 11, at Northwestern (70)
Jan. 15, Ohio State (32)
Jan. 19, at Michigan State (31)
Jan. 24, Penn State (46)
Jan. 29, at Iowa (23)
Feb. 1, Minnesota (109)
Feb. 4, vs Michigan State (31)
Feb. 7, at Indiana (12)
Feb. 11, at Illinois (33)
Feb. 14, Nebraska (108)
Feb. 18, at Wisconsin (55)
Feb. 23, Michigan (26)
Feb. 26, at Penn State (46)
Mar. 2, at Minnesota (109)
Mar. 5, Northwestern (70)

* non-conference game